Welcome To Hyper Coatings & Automotive

Based in Penrith, Hyper Coatings & Automotive is committed to providing quality ceramic & powder coating of all metal products including  range of car parts such as exhausts, wheels, rims, tyres and more. Hyper also offers a range of mechanical repairs and car servicing at the best prices in Penrith and surrounding suburbs.

Mechanic Penrith | Car service for all makes and models

Whether you need you a rego check, mechanical repairs or a car service, we offer a friendly and professional service for all your auto mechanic and needs. View our mechanical repairs and car service page to compare how you can save hundreds of dollars on your next car service. When we service your car, we make sure that all work is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and don’t worry, your manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact. Any parts replaced during a car service are kept aside for you to see when you pick up your car. Also, a mechanic will always speak to you before doing any extra work that may be required.

Ceramic & Powder Coating Sydney

Customise your car with powder coated alloys, rims, or exhausts. Our durable coatings will have your car looking awesome in no time, pick from a range of unique powder coating colours. Powder & ceramic coatings are also a great way to help protect the metal it is applied to. Hyper Coatings & Automotive specialises in the coating of all metal products, our coatings include:

  • High Temp Coating
  • Chromex
  • Clear Coating
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Dry Fill Lubricants
  • Micro Stick
  • Heat Dissipations
  • Transfer Black
  • Artic Black
  • Turbine Coating
  • Exotic Colour Coating
  • Powder Coating